Cameron Goodall

You want to be remembered by your friends, family and your peers as the benchmark when they discuss weddings, conferences, banquets — whatever it is you are planning. Time may be fleeting but good times last forever. Booking a great toastmaster is a small investment in an awesome reputation.

The key skill in successful communication is a hard one to teach. It is the ability to “read a room”. A range of registers is vital to engaging an audience. This is why you might meet Cammy or you might meet Cameron. The one is fun and ebullient, the other dignified and authoritative. You don’t need to choose — he knows which is required.

With an impressive thirty–year background as an entertainer, front-man, public speaker and problem solver, Cammy will not rest until he is satisfied that you are delighted.

Satisfaction is never enough.

Like a concierge, a truly accomplished event specialist’s prize possession is his contacts book. Don’t just hope your day goes right: trust to someone who’ll ensure it. Cammy’s change of gear under fire will be imperceptible to your guests, but an offer of a cast-iron guarantee against disaster, even from the hand of God is something you won’t find elsewhere.

  • M.C.
  • In-demand vocalist and wedding singer
  • Auctioneer
  • Experienced and professional ceilidh caller
  • Tour Guide
  • World authority on Robert Burns in performance
  • Dream facilitator

Book Cammy and relax – it’s taken care of. Ask for referrals and be astounded.

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